How To Holiday For Less

Unless you are a lottery winner, it is more than likely that you do not have an absolute fortune to spend on your summer holiday this year. Most of us would like to make every pound matter when we are deciding on booking where to go, so here are a few bits of advice on how you can get the best holiday for your money, where ever you plan to go.

Book Early or Late

I know that this sounds confusing. Early or late sounds like it means that you can book at any time to get the vest deal but that isn’t the case. Everybody knows that there are great deals to be had if you book very early (over a year in advance), and many of us take advance of last minute deals, but it is when you book between 8 and 1 month before your holiday that you will most likely be paying the most for it. Try and get organized and make your plans well in advance so that you can take advantage of those early bird deals, and failing that, you other option is to leave it as late as you can. Sometimes turning up at the airport with your suitcases packed and taking the next available flight is the best way to get a rock bottom air fare, although this is not something that many are in a position to do.


Daily Deal and Voucher Code Sites

If you haven’t heard of Groupon you must have been living on Mars for the last 5 years. This is just one of the very popular daily deal sites and there are loads more who specialise purely in holiday deals (Secret Escapes is one that springs to mind). If you register to find out about the deals that these sites are offering, yo will hopefully find one that catches your eye, and if you are quick and book that day you can really save a lot of money.

The other great way to get discounts when you book online is to hunt of voucher codes sites for discount codes. Most of the big agencies which as Expedia and issue codes from time to time and you can get anything up to 50% off by using them. One site I have found particularly useful for finding deals on is Fliggo the newly launched discount voucher resource.

Offers is Newspapers

I may seem these days as though nobody reads a print newspaper any more, although that can’t be the case or they would no longer print them. If you do find yourself in a newsagent on a Sunday, pick up a paper and turn to the back few pages before the sport. This is where you can find a whole lot of amazing holiday offer and deals that you might not find anywhere else. It might just be worth paying the price of the paper to benefit from some of these offers, and whether you plane to visit Europe, the US, Asia, Australia or anywhere else in the world, there is always something interesting to find there.

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